Sickness and Health

Isn’t it weird that one moment can change your life?  In this instance it is my husband’s life.  He has had stomach issues throughout our relationship.  He has gone to doctor after doctor with really no answers.  Until two weeks ago he just lived with it. Finally after a lot of tests his gastroenterologist ordered, they think they have found something.  One of the tests showed that he had one of two markers for Celiac Disease. What does that mean? Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that can occur in people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.  It is treatable, but there is no cure.  With him only having one marker, the doctor doesn’t believe he has full blown Celiac Disease. However, there is definitely a gluten intolerance.  Changes had to be made to his diet.  The doctor says to go gluten free.  That is what we have done for over two weeks now.

For the first few weeks we just left out food that had gluten.  Now, here I am trying new recipes.  I am not a good good cook.  Maybe that should be my new goal.  Playing with unfamiliar products.  I would count tonight’s panko chicken meal as a needs tweaking meal.  I have had worse. However, it was not yummy.  I am getting to use more of my Pyrex.  Fresh vegetables and fruits are filling our fridge.  It is time to make good choices.  I am beginning to enjoys salads for lunch.  Let me be real honest.  I am from the south and I would love some fried chicken about now.

This is a lifestyle change.  In such a few days I felt the difference.  Don’t get me wrong I love bread.   I love Joe more and I will be supportive for his new journey.  If you have any gluten free tips or recipes you would like to share I would appreciate it.


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