Fashion What

When did it become acceptable to dress unaffected of circumstances?  I never offer fashion advice unless my opinion is asked.  I don’t live under a rock, but I missed something.  Maybe, it is because my grandparents had a big role in my childhood, maybe it is my love for vintage life, or maybe I just care about appearances. I was dismayed in ladies clothing choices this week.

This past week I attended a sign language class.  I was excited to get out of the house for the day.  This has been a goal of mine to learn sign language since receiving Jack’s diagnosis.  Two things you should know about what I am telling is 1. For some reason only women were in attendance 2. I was the only one not representing a workplace.  Ladies walked in wearing all kinds of crazy.  One lady was wearing a tutu.  Yes, you read that correct.  She was wearing a tutu.  The lady in front of me had on a glitter cat shirt.  That was not a typing error I said glitter cat shirt.  Another lady was dress in business clothes and nice make up, but had not brushed her hair.  I mean not brushed.  Not styled messy just not touched at all.  One had one bright socks and sandals.  One had purple hair.  These were business women.  They were represent not only themselves, but an employer.  And, they didn’t all work with children.

For those new to my site I am a SAHM to twin 19 month boys. I dressed in my everyday clothes which is a dress or shirt and jeans. This particular day the weather was cool so I added a cardigan. I accessorized with a long necklace and earrings for this class.  This is something I would wear to a Down Syndrome Society meeting, therapy session, or doctor’s appointment.  I add my scarves, brooches, or jewelry to jazz it up when I need to step it up. Actually, subtract the necklace and earrings you may see me in this at home or the grocery store.  It is basic, functional, and budget friendly.  I don’t mind running in to someone I know at the store, but I can crawl on the floor with my guys too.

I am not fashion princess.  I am not a trend setter.  However, if any of these social workers/ therapist / librarians has a session with my child I would question their ability to be serious.  If I walked into the library and the lady wearing the tutu greeted me at the front door I would think it was a theme day.  It is moments life like this make me question professional integrity.  I love fun pieces of clothes.  I just don’t wear them all on the same day.  I have always heard dress for the job you want not the job you have.  Here’s my last thought…  use your words to speak not your clothes.


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