I Can’t Handle Your Help

Often times when people come to our home they try help.  We love that our twins are loved so much.  A few sit with the twins so I can run errands or get a chore or two done.  Sometimes, laundry gets put away, the trash gets taken out, and toys get reorganized.  I appreciate your desire to lend your time and attention to our family.  However, sometimes I can’t handle your help.  I can’t.

Joe and I went out for a bit yesterday.  Today, I feel set back in tasks and chores. That laundry was not put away because the twins out grew it and some it was being donated.  That trash was recycle that needed to be driven to the recycle center.  When it is put in our bin it takes up the most room and then were have no room for the real rubbish.  The trash truck has not picked up our trash this week due to the holiday.  Now, what can I do?  That one toy truck that you pull out from each place I hide it in the play room is hidden for a reason.  Joe bought a bin of antique toys and wants the boys to have them when they are older.  Most are displayed on a shelf.  Evan loves this particular truck. However, he throws it and on occasions hits Jack with it.  It is to wide for the display shelf so I have hidden it.

I wish I was asked why Joe and I do the things we do instead of people just deciding we are wrong.  We do that we think is best for our family at the moment.  The twins are at 9 therapies a week.  I have a lot to do and little time.   I am thankful to have offers of help.  I can’t handle help that just makes more tasks for me.

So, readers next time you visit someone and want to give a helping hand ask them how you can help. It may be as simple as taking the littles for a stroll or a casserole. That sincere offer will be received so gratefully even though you may have to offer more than once for them to step out of their comfort zone to accept it.

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