Making Memories

My parents divorced when I was young. Allowing me the opportunity to have Christmas traditions and special activities with my two families.  I have two favorite activities from my Dad’s visits.  One was him reciting the story Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The second was going to cut down a live Christmas tree.  Making cookies and treats was my favorite activity to give as gifts for Christmas was a favorite to do with my Mom.  I wanted to do something special with my babies this year.  I hoped for happy memories and start traditions with them.  They are only 18 months old leaving us with limits of what we can do. I knew I was in for a challenge.

My husband and I both enjoyed looking at Christmas lights as children.  Really, we still do. Joe thought we should take them. We went to see the Celebration of Lights in Conway.  Such a lovely view!  It was a drive thru sighting.  The twins were in their car seats.  We couldn’t see their excitement. Well, Evan’s that is.  He said, “Oh, wow’ over and over.  Jack slept.  Maybe, that will be a win next year.

I often enjoyed making cookies and gingerbread houses with my mom growing up.  I thought that may be a nice activity to share with them. I was wrong. I bought all the goodies and spread them on the table. Jack looked at everything and crawled down.  He was not interested.  I guess it didn’t help that they have never had candy before.  Evan cared only a tiny bit.  He likes helping me.  I encouraged him to try the candy  and found all the goodies tasty. He was not into decoration the house.  He just wanted to eat the decorations off.

Joe and I have lots of meaningful ornaments hanging on our Christmas tree.  There are ones we individually had before we were married and some we have collected since we have been together. I adore homemade ornaments.  So, I think to myself.  That’s what we will try next.  Bonus, they can be gifts for the twins to pass out.  They each carefully picked cookie cutters from the bowl.  Evan’s first choice was a duck.  No, I didn’t stop him. He was proud. Evan loved playing with the dough and painting.  He hated making his foot print.  Jack didn’t like making hand or foot prints.  He loved painting.  Finally, winning toddler approved activity.

I have read to them the story of Christmas and Twas the Night Before Christmas.  We have watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown, and Frozen.  We have gone to church to celebrate the meaning of Christmas.

My babies are so young that they will not remember any of these. We have some photos to show them. I will keep an ornament from each of they for them to have when they are older. Mostly, I will hold on to the memories and continue to share and develop new traditions and special activities with them.

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hold tight to your memories and have fun making new ones!12040079Epaints

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