Staying at Home

I have been a stay at home mom for 9 months now.  At times I feel like I look like a fawn getting adjusted to her feet. You see, I am not just a mom. I am a twin mom. I am a dog mom. I am a toddler mom. I am a mom to a son with Down Syndrome.

I am accustomed to getting up and dressing in business professional attire, grabbing breakfast and a coffee, and driving off the to office. A day full of adult conversations and spontaneous schedule changes including both early mornings and late nights.

Now, I get up and dress casual. (It has been mentioned by a lady that has no clue on my life “Since, you do not work anymore you can just stay in your pajamas all day.” I would like to say not one day has that happened.) Maybe, I get breakfast and a coffee. Sometimes, it is so bonkers here I forget. I feel like a keep a nice schedule for my guys. They have 9 permanent therapy appointments a week. Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays are booked. I try to give us all Tuesday and Thursday off unless they have doctors or specialist appointments. Honestly, those are not days off. We get visits often and unannounced. They twins love this! These are the days when I try to catch up on chores and I never completely catch up. Three meals a day, laundry, and many messes. Our home is well lived in. We play. How could I not take the opportunity to get down on the floor and push cars, build with wooden blocks, and play farm?

My days are never how I expect. My journey is not the path I dreamed. My life has more joy, support ,and love beyond measure. I have Joe, Claire Belle, Evan and Jack.

P.S. It is 3:44 am. I have just finished laundry, dishes, and breakfast prep. We are making homemade dough ornaments tomorrow!


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