Team Jack the Great


We are Team Jack the Great.  Since October is Down Syndrome awareness month, the Buddy Walk is a perfect opportunity to educate, communicate, and celebrate milestones.

Joe and I knew very little about Trisomy 21 commonly called Down Syndrome when Jack was diagnosed.  One of Jack’s doctors started us off with basic information of Trisomy 21.  After reading the first packet, he offered more reading.  Absorbing the facts and statistics is only a portion of what we need to know. However, we knew we would need more.

Joe and I fell in love with these two precious baby boys before they were born.  Loving them was the easy part. We prayed for guidance.  We needed advice and hands on experiences to help Jack be the best.  Joe’s niche is research and that is what he did.  He found Grand Strand Down Society.

Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society offers knowledge and experience that match our family’s needs.  My response to so many things was “I don’t know”.  I didn’t know where we needed start.  For an example I knew Jack would needed therapists, but I didn’t know therapists for infants.  One day I received and email that said have you checked out these and named specific resources.  I was not aware of any of them!  I went right down the list making phone calls.  One place lead me to another.  We have made connections and contacts that is helping prepare us and Jack.

Currently, Grand Strand Down Society is preparing for the annual Buddy Walk.  The Buddy Walk is a fundraiser to help raise awareness and monetary support for the Grand Strand Down Society. 

We are Team Jack the Great.


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