Mommy Needs…Advice Please

I feel like I am about to go crazy!  As a first time mom to twin boys, my life has changed drastically.  I am completely open and ready for these changes. How do I balance it all?

My day is now starting around 5:30/5:45 am. Ugh..and I am not a morning person. I stumble to the kitchen and pull out the morning bottles to start warming up and maybe make coffee or grab a juice.  Claire Belle needs her breakfast. Then time to pump.  A pump session typically last 30 minutes. By this time one of the boys have already started waking up. I scurry to their room to change and feed him before he wakes his brother up. Still snuggled in his footie pajamas he doesn’t fully wake up making it easy to rock him back to sleep after he eats.  A quick shower and dress.  Now, the other baby is hungry. Feed, rock and back to bed he goes! Gotta dry my hair and do my makeup. I have to set up bottles to get them thru lunch time and wash the bottles from the night. I have no time for spit ups, walking the dog, and searching for my cell phone or keys. Did I even eat breakfast? Granny comes to watch the boys and chats. I can’t remember and I toss a yogurt or applesauce in my bag and run out the door. Off to work I go…late. I am late.

I go home during my lunch hour. It takes 10 minutes to get home. Claire Bell gets 5- 10 minutes outside before I can do anything. Evan and Jack are usually sleeping or eating so I check on them, careful not to bother them. Pumping and setting up the afternoon bottles is about 20-30 minutes. I have 5 minutes to grab a lunch. And, back to work I go. Late. I am late again.

After work I hitch my buggy and zoom back home. I am so happy to see those smiling faces.  Claire Belle has to go out first.  It is important for her to have some Mommy time too. She runs her laps and potties.  As soon as she is finished she goes to the gate and waits. Then, I pump before Granny leaves. The boys mostly nap during this time. I start cooking dinner. At this point in the day I feel famished. As soon as I pick up my fork to eat a baby is crying. Dinner.  He wants dinner too.  I am exhausted and hungry. He happily eats and is ready to play, but not in his crib, bassinet, or chair and doesn’t want to be held so he screams. Now, this has disturbed the other baby who is hungry. He wants dinner NOW too. Claire Belle wants dinner too.  She paces until her bowl is  full.  Joe and I eat in shifts.  If he is home. He closes at the store 2 nights a week. I fly solo on those nights. After their dinner they get a bath or a wipe down. I use a little lotion and massage them, dress them in footie pajamas, and rock to sleep. I get in a TV show or two, some laundry, pump and wash bottles. I set more up bottles for the nightly feeding. Just in time for them to wake up hungry again. As I feed them I struggle to stay awake.  After this feeding I go to bed too. I am beat. I get in bed and my mind wakes up. Did I brush my teeth? Did I get my clothes ready for work tomorrow? Did I mail the bill payments? There is another feeding in the near future. I need to sleep.

This is just an average day. There are no appointments or outings or visitors and those three factors and well…our entire tiny teams gets tired and cranky. I don’t have any complaints. I love this crazy busy life.   How do you squeeze in a haircut? When do you buy groceries? What about doctor appointments for you? I make sure they get to their appointments. I just wonder to the moms out there, how do you balance it all?


10 thoughts on “Mommy Needs…Advice Please

  1. I can only imagine 2! I was having a tough time with 1. I work now and he goes to daycare and I find my balance now. I am not breastfeeding though, so that must be extremely tough with twins. I get overwhelmed thinking of the future but if I stop and just think about today and what needs to be done today, it seems manageable. Has your hubby been a big help? Hugs your way momma!

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  2. Twins is a whole different ball game than my life with a baby and toddler. But I do know moms of multiples, and one thing they have in common. They all belong to a support group! This isn’t the sit around and chat support group. This is a hands on, moms with multiples, help each other out group. Find one! Even us moms of one baby need a mommy group!
    Pre Pack lunches and keep energy bars at your work or in your car.
    Get a hand pump. You can literally pump anywhere under your nursing cover if needed.
    Find a grocery delivery service. Instacart or Amazon Now.
    Many hairstylists will come to your home nowadays.
    Make sure you take care of yourself and get rest. I know it’s hard, but you can’t drive the car without gas… Hang in there! You’re doing awesome Mama!!!

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  3. Wow! I am a first time mom to a little boy and he is quite a handful at almost 1 years old. I give you lots of props for having twins the first time around! After having my son, I know my priorities have definitely changed. He comes first. I have forgotten meals for myself and I was finally able to fit in a haircut a couple of months ago!

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