Booth 8

Our dream has been to own our own store for a long while now.  We’ve tossed out ideas, but never making a move.  Recently, while in a shop called Peacock’s Vintage Picks we were chatting with the owner.  It just so happened that she had a booth available.  This was the perfect opportunity for us to get our feet wet.  Plus, we needed more open space in our home and a little savings couldn’t hurt.

Joe and I are hoarders/collectors.  I tend to gravitate to vintage kitchen, vintage clothing and retro kitch.  Joe’s style leans more to antique farm, vintage toys, and china.  Most of our inventory actually is from our home……see what I mean by hoarders.

In our booth we have antique, vintage, and retro items.  I have narrowed down my Pyrex collection.  Joe has let go of his Nortiake collection.  I am a sucker for re-purposing and up-cycling so seeing Joe taking a pallet and making a table or using a Singer sewing machine peddle base and creating a desk just makes my heart happy.  We both love the hunt.  It is a great feeling to run out to the flea market early Saturday morning before the family does and look.  I find it therapeutic.  It is also a great way for Joe and I to spend time together and conversate.  We take both short and long road trips picking, searching, and researching items.  It’s fun to learn about the things we find…..the history.  We meet many people that share their stories and memories with us.  We have developed new friendships.   We’ve realized that usually we profit more in learning than in dollars, but that’s okay!  This is our thing!  And we love it!

If you are ever our way stop in and say, “Hey!”  Visit awhile!  We are at Peacock’s Vintage Picks in Latta, South Carolina. We are booth #8 named…Yelldazy


5 thoughts on “Booth 8

  1. Yes, I agree. Having an antique/vintage/retro booth may not make you rich, but it’s the time spent with your family, the history, and the people that you meet along the way which make it all the more enjoyable. You guys have the most awesome things in your booth, and I enjoy shopping it every time I am there! It is something to be proud of, and I hope something you can pass down to your boys.

    And you know, J-Boogs is down anytime for opening an antique shop with his bestie, Joe! Haha

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