13728956_1237058776304993_3079723223790906904_n                                                                                                 Joe and I are expecting twin boys. We are 7 weeks from our due date.  We are very excited. Who would have thought a woman with PCOS, endometriosis, and one ovary would be so blessed?  My prayer the day I was told I was pregnant was that my babies be healthy and happy.

Our pregnancy adventure has not been without bumps.  Our first scare was with a blood test that was not even scheduled to happen.  I received a call at work stating our babies tested abnormal for Trisomy 21 commonly know as Down Syndrome. We were told the test was not conclusive due to my age and the twin factors.  The only way to know for certain that it was Trisomy 21 was both babies would have to be tested through amniocentesis.  Joe and I decided right away to refuse amniocentesis and abortion.  We have been to Maternal Fetal Neonatal for ultra sounds for months to monitor the babies.  No markers have appeared.  They have been cleared by the pediatric cardiologist with perfect hearts.  Our babies were growing healthy.  Again, my prayer was that they be healthy and happy.

As I was gathering my thoughts to finish the blog, our babies came early.  During our weekly check up with Maternal Fetal Neonatal the ultrasound show Baby B’s umbilical cord was flowing in reverse.  An hour and a half later through an emergency cesarean my baby boys were born.  Evan Joseph was born first and Jack Thomas was born a minute later.  Both babies hearts are perfect and their other organs are perfect. Our babies are healthy.

Jack has tested positive for Trisomy 21.  He has an extra chromosome.  He is healthy.  He will have extra needs and will be delayed.  There are things he will never do that Evan will.  Most importantly, you should know he is my and Joe’s son.  God has a plan for us.  My prayers were answered He gifted us Evan and Jack.  We chose to keep him.  We wanted him.  We love him.  We are blessed.  We are not without challenges and bad days.  My babies are healthy and happy.  We are the Brown family.


12 thoughts on “Twins

    • That’s wonderful. Joe and I are both from Fork. My family are the Sawyer/Newell’s and Joe’s are the Berry/Brown’s. I just share true stories of our journey. We have lots of stories to share. We are blessed!


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