Well, hello there!

Foolishly, I let one negative criticism push me away.  I asked for feedback on my blog and got a response that really hurt me.  The reader didn’t want to see specifics on health issues.  My blog is a lifestyle blog.  I tend to write about exactly is going on in my life.   At that moment I was dealing with infertility issues and explaining them so that my readers would understand.  Some of my readers deal with the same issues.

I leaned on my husband Joe and my family.  I have had conversations with friends.  I am not going to let on feedback stop me from speaking what someone else needs to hear.  I have I will be writing what I feel lead to.  I appreciate my readers and if you are reading this thanks for not giving up on me.


4 thoughts on “Well, hello there!

  1. I have been posting on wordpress for years and have had my share of negative comments, but all have been because the writer disagreed with what I had written. Last week I got a comment on an personal posting about a visit to a amateur radio convention and the luck I must have to run into someone I spoke with almost a decade ago. The comment not only shocked and angered me I could not figure out ‘why’ it was written. However I turned it around and copied it and made it part of the very next posting and the people who have been following my blog came out in support of me and disbelief of the person who wrote the comment. Hang in there, expect to tip-toe through a few crazies and continue on with your good work.

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