Christmas Time


Christmas Time.  It’s that time of year when people are seemingly happy.  Choirs are singing.  Greeting cards are being written and mailed.  People are organizing their family get togethers.  Lots of people are decorating their homes and yards.  Folks are shopping for gifts for their loved ones. Hearts are full of love, peace, and joy.   There are our heroes deployed in active service who can’t be home with their families and friends for the holidays.  There are folks here back home who are homeless and don’t have families to be with during the holidays.

Cloud Covered Streets passes out shirts, toiletries and a note to homeless people.  Cloud Covered Streets is the street team of Paper Clouds Apparel, a small organic clothing company designed to help charities. The company is staffed by special needs employees.  50% of the profit sustains the business and 50% goes to the charity of the week they are supporting.  Your note may be the smile that is needed.  It my be the reminder that someone cares.  Your note may bring hope.

Valiant Veterans is a group during Christmas that sponsors veterans with “hidden wounds” like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and others wounds that are not visible on the outside.  One of their programs is Operation Christmas Card.  It’s the mission of this program to love a soldier one card at a time.  Write a soldier.  Let them know their service is appreciated. Your note may be the comfort of home.

These are my picks.  I encourage you to write, give, or encourage as you see fit.  You may have a group of your on in mind.  One note can help encourage them.  Love and encouragement are free.  Smiles are contagious.  Memories are irreplaceable.  Share a moment with ones that this time of year may not have the shimmer that yours does.

Merry Christmas! Hugs!


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