Autumn Wreath


I have never been the girl to decorate for the seasons.  I hold all my decorating until Christmas.  Usually, I make sure to change my table cloth and place mats.  Joe and I plant a few flowers.  That is the extent of seasonal decorating at the Brown house.  However, after painting our front door and planting the mums for autumn I noticed our porch needed something.  This year I decided to have a fall wreath.

Our budget was already set for the month.  I have $20 to spend on a wreath. Pre-made wreaths are way out of my budget.  I decided to created a simple one.  I looked at magazines and Pintrest for DIY ideas.  I bought a basic medium grapevine wreath plain at the farmer’s market for $5.  The burlap and red ribbon I got from Hobby Lobby regular $3.99 for a spool.  I used a 40% off coupon to get the price point lower.  I went to visit my granny and she taught me how to make the bow.  It is tied on with a pipe cleaner.  I bought the wooden B and I can not remember from where.  I glitter glued it red.  I tied it on with a a simple thread.  The floral harvest sprig is one short piece from Michael’s that was $1.99 and is also attached by a pipe cleaner.

This autumn wreath is simple, affordable, and detachable.  For this DIY wreath I used all removable parts so that it can be repurposed at another time.  My goal was for a cute simple wreath for my front porch and I feel like I met that goal


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