Upcycle Meals

I am a recycler and upcycler.  I apply this to lots to things in my life.  I even apply this to my food.  So, last Thursday evening I baked a spiral ham which I served with potato salad and garden peas. It was a yummy hot meal. Since, I work about 7 minutes from work warm overs are my lunch. Joe ate warm overs too. This keeps us within a budget and limits our wastefulness. After, we have it for lunch the sides are gone and we are left with half of a ham.

I brainstorm.  Ham sandwiches are yummy, but I know we will get tired of those before it is gone.  It is still raining here and the temperature is dropping.  I choose black eyed peas to go with the ham.

Joe bought 2 one pound bags of dry black eyed peas.  He rinsed them and put them into a large Pyrex bowl to soak over night. The next morning I placed one pound in the Crock Pot with half of the ham cut into pieces to cook slowly thru the day. I add enough water that there is about an inch  about the peas.   I use two pebbles of pink Himalayan salt and a half teaspoon of black pepper, leaving the ham to do most of the seasoning.  I leave them cooking on high all day. The other half of ham I cut in to pieces with the other pound of black eyed peas into the dutch oven.  Again, I only use two pebbles of pink Himalayan salt and a half teaspoon of black pepper as my seasoning.  I love that if I have used to much water I can take the lid off the pot for awhile and it evaporates or if I don’t have enough water I can just add more.

At this point you may be thinking that is a lot of black eyed peas. Seriously, it is.  It is too much for a meal for just Joe and me.  However, I can divide it out and freeze with for a hot meal for later in the winter. Black eyed peas and ham is a meal that can stand alone.  Sometimes, Joe makes cornbread in his cast iron skillet.  I have had black eyed peas and rice as a side with chicken or pork chops.  I don’t settle for the same warm overs everyday.  Upcycled meals are just as yummy as the original ones.


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