Crocheting Baby Afghans


Joe and I go to Mountain Marketplace Mission in April ever year.  It is a small mission in the mountains of West Virginia run by Gary and Lilly Melton.  The mission is to share the gospel by offering food, hygiene products, and other items to people in need.  This mission is dear to our hearts.

My mom crocheted three baby afghans for Joe to deliver to the mission last April. However, when packing the boxes, the afghans never made it to the car.  I had surgery so Joe did not go on the last October trip. We made sure they were in the car while packing for this year’s trip.  My Mom decided to go with us.  She had never been on a mission trip.  I know she was curious to see what is about this place that we love so much.  At the mission Thursday is the day that food and items are passed out. This particular Thursday in April canning jars and seeds are passed out. People come from all around to get seeds and jars to grow and can their own foods to sustain them thru the freezing mountain’s winter.  That day at different times three mothers showed up with infants…needing blankets and formula.  My Mom was able to hold each baby and give them a afghan she made. This hit her and me.  It is one thing to create the baby blankets.  There is a whole new perspective when you can associate a name and face with it.   Those moms received what they needed for those babies and my mom and I received a blessing.  The afghans were delivered a year late yet they were right on time.

I made a goal then and there I would crochet one baby afghan a month to deliver next April.  I want to pass on the blessing I received.  It is a relaxing task for me.  I enjoy crafting and creating.  I am using scraps of yarn that I have.  I have bought some.  Joe found large pounds of yarn at a thrift store that were still sealed.  He bought six spools for me.  I crochet while riding in the car, while watching TV, or anywhere that I can just sit for awhile and work them.  I am hoping I meet this goal.  I am behind, but I am not giving up.


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