Useful Art


My brothers often call me a hippie.  We all are in agreement that I was born in the wrong era.  I love the home grown foods, a simple lifestyle, and old items.  My home is mostly decorated and functioning with antique and vintage items.  I find comfort in knowing someone loved each piece enough to take care of it.

I love Pyrex.  My Moma received a set of Spring Blossom mixing bowls and casseroles as a wedding gift.   I have loved my Moma’s green and white mixing bowl since I was a little girl.  I remember helping make cookies with her for holidays standing on a chair to reach the counter using her bowls.  I remember thinking they were happy bowls because of the daisies on them.  Joe and I received a small red bowl from the hostess set for one of our favorite shop owners Mrs. and Mr. Legette (M’s Variety) as a wedding gift.  My Granny gave me her Kim Chee and Joe’s Moma gave us her yellow primary 401. I have shelves of them.  They are not just pieces of Pyrex to me.  They are my treasure and memories.  I keep them on a shelf.  I take them down and use them with pride.

I love quilts.  I remember when I spent nights with my grandparents when I was little.  They didn’t have spare bed rooms or guest rooms.  I would sleep on the floor on a quilt pallet.  They were handmade beautiful color quilts made by family members out of clothing scraps that were torn, worn or discarded.  My Aunt Lula Mae and my Granny made one specially for me made of Raggedy Ann fabric when I was a baby.  That quilt is in my guest room today.  One that is dear to my heart is the one that the inside is my Papa’s United States Air Force issued wool blanket for Vietnam that my great aunts and Great Grandmother Newell sewed.    My Granny has given me many of hers over the years.   A beloved wedding gift Joe and I received was a quilt made of shirts belonging to his father.  I have them stored in a vintage armoire. I love the stories as well as the quilts.  These quilts are family history and memories.

I gravitate to items that have been loved and still require attention.  I don’t mind mending a piece, scrubbing something clean, or freshening it up.  I like the finding pieces and hearing the stories behind them.  Sometimes the shop owner or yard seller can share history of the items with me.  Sometimes, I have to check with Granny, my Dad, or Joe’s Mom for history lessons.  I am honored to have these items.

That’s me Neecie Brown.  I may be a hippie.  I may be a hoarder.  I may be a collector.  I may be a rescuer.  I don’t know.  I just know I love old things.


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