Southern Heart


Often you will hear me promote shopping locally, passing it on, and missions.  I believe in helping others.  I wholeheartedly believe in helping others that are trying to help themselves.  The south gets put down a lot.  Red necks, trailer trash, dumb, hicks, and racist are just a few names uses to describe southerners. And there are those types everywhere.  However, in general, southerners stand by each other through thick and thin.

During the flooding here in South Carolina kindness appeared again among South Carolinians.  Just as I have seen before.  I have seen folks using there boats to help evacuate homes.  I have seen  guys in 4x4s pulling wrecked vehicles to safety.  I hear how family and neighbors are opening their homes for the victims.  Animals are getting rescued by boats after neighbor hoods are checked.  Restaurants are opening the doors for free meals.   I know there are shelters, food banks, and clothing donation sites as well.

I haven’t seen or heard of looting.  I haven’t heard people screaming, “Give me give me!”  People of all races are helping is all there has been through this tragedy.

What I have heard is, “Bless your heart.  Let’s see what we can do.”  I have seen doors open.  I have talked to storm crews that are on their way.

In the south we talk kinda slow.  We fight for what we believe in.  We live simple.  We dig our heels in the ground and.  We love.  Neighbors are helping neighbors.  Friends are there for friends and families are coming together.  Southern heart.  Bless it.  It is not promoted enough.  Say what you will.  People in Carolina care.


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