Rich in Faith

Yard Sale

I know that if it is meant to be, it will.  I am a strong believer.

Each doctor’s appointment has to be paid up front.  For one of my August appointments, we were going to have to pay $467.63.  Honestly, Joe and I didn’t have it. The doctor’s office has two locations. One is in Columbia and the second is in Charleston.  Both locations are over 2 hours away. With that drive, it meant more time away from work and more gas. I had a flat tire that had to be replaced. Joe’s car had three wheels in the grave and needed work.  Plus, I was going to need more medicine.  To say we were spread thin is putting it lightly.

I know.  It doesn’t seem like much money.  In our normal budget it would not have been too bad, but with all those unexpected costs, it seemed like a mountain.  We are only rich in our faith.  I work as a county clerk for the magistrates’ office.  Joe is a supervisor at a chain department store.  We are not wealthy people. We have a budget and usually do well by it.

I decided to have a yard sale.  We thrift, junk, and antique just to spend time together.  I figured it would clean out our house some as well as help with this cost. We advertised on Facebook and the local newspaper for Saturday July 2.  That Friday Joe set up and people started coming.  Saturday the sales still were happening, but slowly. It was a holiday weekend so not many people were out.  We packed it up around 2 pm. The items left we would donate to the shelter in the next town.

It wasn’t until later that evening that I actually counted the money we made from the sale.  We made $468!  The perfect amount! $467.63 for the doctor and $.37 for our Mason jar!  The following Monday Joe called the doctor’s office and paid.  We earned only what we needed.  No one will ever be able to tell me that God didn’t bless us that weekend.


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