$20 for a Yard Flag

Wedding Runner FlagLife of a Yelldazy is the journey of my life creating, antiquing, and refurbishing.   I enjoy the adventure, hunt, and effort that it takes finding a creating.  I much rather spend my Saturday at the flea market and thrift stores versus the mall or big box store. 

Recently, I went to the mall for a wedding gift.  I saw a pretty lawn flag on sale for $19.99.  Alright, the small town southern girl I am says, “$20 for a yard flag?!”  I can make that.  I went home and I made it. It is not as perfect and precise as the one in the store.  This one is a bit tattered.  It is a little uneven.   I spent no money on it.  I used items from our home.  I even had to sew, because the glue we had had dried up.  It is made with love.  It is made with memories.  It was burlap table runners from our wedding reception.   It is made of buttons from our old clothes.  It now hangs in front of our home.

It is important to realize you don’t have to be an artist or create perfection.  It is a craft of love and effort.  Skill helps, but it isn’t required.  Go out and create!

Lawn Flag


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