I Fell Off The Earth

Denise and Joe

I am back.  I had to step away for a bit.  I had a few health setbacks that I couldn’t and didn’t handle well.  Maybe, I should explain myself better.

Joe and I will celebrate our 2nd year of marriage in October.  One month before our 1st anniversary our family dreams changed forever.  During an annual check up, it was discovered that I had a cyst on my right ovary.  We tried two options, medicines and exercise, but none worked.  Surgery was the option that was left.  During surgery it was discovered that the cyst was on my left ovary and was so large it touch the right.  It was bad.  That day I lost my left ovary and fallopian tube.  I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.  Three strikes against me having babies. NOT making it impossible, but each in making it very challenging.  And, I am 37.  My heart broke.  It broke for me.  It broke for Joe.  It broke for our dreams and goals.

Now, it is a year later.  I had hoped to have a baby.  We saw a specialist.  This included more medicines, shots, and hour long trips to the doctor’s office.  Everything looked good.  My body was doing well.  I was progressing just as the doctor hoped and predicted.  Joe and I went in for the last procedure hand in hand.  He has been by me each phone call and each appointment.  We met with the medical team and scrubbed in.  My body shut down. The doctor tried all he could.  Again, my heart broke.  It broke for me.  It broke for Joe.  It broke for our dreams and goals. This was the day that Joe prayed out loud for us for the first time.  I fell off the earth.

I had to step off.  I had to step away.  I needed to gather myself.  I am back.  I am worn, but I will mend.  I have Joe by my side.  I have Claire Belle and Sunshine (our rescues). And, I have my Savior.


7 thoughts on “I Fell Off The Earth

  1. You will conceive! I too suffered with PCOS. My husband and I tried for 9 years! God blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined. I’m going to share my struggle soon. Thanks for being brave and I’m rejoicing in your miracle that’s on the way!

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