A Rainbow


Joe and I live a simple life.  Lately, life has been throwing some hurdles in our pathway.  We are both praying people so that is how we handle it.

Flat tire, $0.97 in the bank, and more medical testing is just our life, but it can be stressful.  I pray and remove it from my thoughts, but it comes back. I have to pray again. And, again.  And, again. And, again. Yesterday, I felt overwhelmed.

The hows and what ifs almost got to me.  As I walked to my Jeep after work yesterday it started pouring down rain.  I didn’t run.  I just let it wash over me.  It was such a stress release.

I went straight home from work.  Joe already had dinner cooked. Claire Belle was playful and loving.  We decided to go for a drive to look at properties that may be listed as for sale by owner. And, down came the rain.

On our way home there was a rainbow.  A big bright beautiful rainbow.  Joe and I still don’t have any answers.  The situations are still there.  I just am not carrying them anymore.  I gave them away.  I know even in times of trials I am blessed.  I know Joe and I are blessed  And, I know there is a promise of more blessings to come.


2 thoughts on “A Rainbow

  1. What a blessing and honor it is to serve an awesome God. It’s great that you realized the stress was overwhelming you. And God simply reminded you about the rainbow in the rain. I know it will get better and I’m praying and believing that at once, all of your hurdles will be lifted.


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