The Kitchen Table


Some of my favorite memories are from family time at the kitchen table.  I grew up in a family where we spent quality time together gathered around the table. Sure we ate our meals there, but it was more than that.  We played board games and played cards.  I did my homework at the table. It is the place my Granny set up my crafts.  When folks came to visit everyone gathered around to catch up and sip sweet tea.  You could tell a lot about us by looking at our table. Notes like, “Gone to the Aunt Helen’s”, “Don’t forget to pack your leotard and tap shoes”, chores lists, grocery lists and random dinner instructions. It was a catch all of keys, mail, newspapers, and emptied pocket change before meals.

As an adult I cherish time at the kitchen table. I look forward to going to Granny’s to just sit at the table and visit. I want to create that same environment of love and security in my home. This morning I had breakfast alone at my table. I was able to do my devotion and stare at my fresh flowers.  I want to sit and have a meal with my loved ones and learn about what kind of day was had.  I want to play Scrabble and Yahtzee. I want not to just hold on to those old memories, but I want to continue to create more. My table isn’t the hub of our home, but maybe…..


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