Upcyclers… to the Rescue!

Joe's  birdbath!

Joe’s birdbath!

Joe, Claire Belle, and I spend a lot of time in our backyard.  Our mini retreat.  We have some Adirondack chairs, a raised garden, and a fire pit.  Sometimes we hang out, we read, Joe grills, Claire Belle runs around, and we play games.  Joe wanted a birdbath.  We priced them. Yikes!  As a want not a need for our household, birdbaths are totally out of our price range.  We brainstorm.  Joe gathers items that can be upcycled.  Our items are a old wobbly floor lamp with an attached table, a scratched up glass bowl, glue, and 2 cans of spray paint. He started building when I was at work.  One adjustment later.  And, boom!  We are a team with a small household budget.  We create with what we have.  Our costs was less than $6!  I believe it is totally cute and it fully functions well in its new role.


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