Becoming Less of a Hoarder in 31 Days

Overflow of finds!

Overflow of finds!

As Joe and I obtain items through thrifting, antiquing, or stuff we have inherited, our home is getting packed.  Seriously, we have only bought a couch and two armoires for ourselves. The rest we have just acquired. Our home is getting full.   There is just Joe, Claire Belle, and myself. We have a three bedroom home with a bonus room.  And, we have a storage unit!  Our home looks like it is inhabited by hoarders.  Okay. Maybe we are vintage hoarders.  All of the clutter stresses me out.  It is time to organize and purge.  Keep, sale, donate, recycle and dump is in order to take back our home.

A lot of items just need to be put in the proper place.  I have shoes in every room. I need to gather all of them and put them in the shoe cubbies in my closet.  Joe does well at selling items on Facebook and E-Bay.  I have an Etsy shop that I can add items.  There are places we frequent as thrifters where we could donate.  There are items we will give to the mission that our little family supports. In addition to the clutter, there is various paper work. I’m sure most of it can be filed, but I know there is paper work that can be shredded.


I have gathered cardboard boxes, labels, bags, markers, a camera, and tape.  I have a plan of action.  I know to tackle one room at a time.  This is my focus for 31 days.  I will post my results later!


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