Shop Local

20150604_182654Have you ever heard of Small Business Saturday?  It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving in which we are encouraged to shop locally.  My little family doesn’t need a holiday to shop locally for some of our needs. 

Just yesterday Joe purchased a five gallon bucket of fresh red potatoes from my Uncle Emerson, a local farmer.  Apparently, Joe thinks we can eat five gallons of potatoes.  We can’t!  Since my Granny had a huge squash crop due to all the rain, we will trade potatoes for squash!  Other than vegetables, we get grass fed meats from Ovis Hill Farms.  They offer yummy, healthy, and organic products at affordable prices.  Happy Cow milk is a must when we go there. Going to the local farmer’s market on Saturdays is so enjoyable.  We can take our time to shop and socialize with the local farmers that deserve all the business they can get!  

Sure, we could shop at the big box stores for all of our needs. We choose not to do that. I am honored to go to the hardware store in town.  It’s located right on the corner of Main Street. I love the brick walls and the old plank floors that creak as you walk across them.  You know everyone that works there by name and of course they know your name. You usually spend more time chatting than you do shopping.  It’s a place where they take pride in customer service and the products they sell.

Like most couples Joe and I still date. We enjoy meals locally too. I love “Mom and Pop” restaurants. It is great to walk into 4-Points (local diner) and receive a greeting of, “Hey, family!”  On nights that Joe closes at work we sometimes go to lunch at Richard’s Diner or Jimmy B.’s for a hot meal. The waitress recognizes me says, “You have cut your hair.” Or she recognizes Joe and says, “Two sweet teas and a booth, right?” We can get dress in our Sunday bests and go to O’Hara’s. There is great food, welcoming service and a “Ya’ll come back!”

I encourage you use local businesses whenever possible.  Keeping your money locally keeps your hometown thriving.  Plus, I believe smaller businesses have bigger hearts. Shop local!


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