Home Sweet…Where?

20150604_182359Joe and I decided to rent my childhood home when we got married.  We talked of our goals during our premarriage counseling.  We decided together this would be the home we bought for our short term goal. Our long term goal was to buy or build a home in the country.  Our preference is our hometown of Fork, South Carolina.  We have dreams and goals of children, animals, and gardens.

We have been married for a year and a half and are ready for our next steps.  In March we started by going to our local bank Anderson Brothers Bank to prequalify for a home loan.  We know what styles homes we like and what is important to us. We just need to know what our monetary range.

In April I came home from work to find voice mails from family members telling us a home was for sale in our hometown.  Joe went to the realtor’s office. It was not officially listed then.  We wait. Finally, it is listed.  We toured the home.  It has 3 of the 4 details we want. We made our offer.  The next day another family looks at the home and makes an offer.  Joe gets a call best and final offer is what they ask us for. Joe and I discuss and write our offer.  We wait.  It is now May. The homeowners take the other offer.

We felt this was it. God had a different plan for us. We wait. We pray.


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